If so, we will provide you with adequate notice on the schedule. Stop by The Red Brick Recreation Center or call us at (970) 920-5140 if you have further questions. Rule- Patrons may be asked to exit the river if there is suspicion of fatigue or lack of swimming ability to eventually exit safely.Reason- It is the lifeguard’s responsibility to recognize and prevent dangerous situations that can become life threatening. The Climbing Tower is a non-instructional activity that is available seven days a week. Take part in promotions, competitions, customer surveys and questionnaires. Winter Wonderland Sledding and Skating Parties (available during the Winter Season)Ice Skating and Hockey parties. In order to comply with new rules, we use a system of classifying the different types of cookies which we use on the Website. Within the Aspen Parks and Recreation Department, we offer many different camps to keep kids busy and having fun. Center, Aspen Ice Garden, Aspen Red Brick Recreation Center. The Aspen Recreation Center, also known as the “ARC”, provides a variety of recreational opportunities for people of all ages. At this time there is no indoor pickleball on the schedule due to COVID-19 restrictions. Children of ages 8 to 12 are eligible to be in the pool without direct supervision as long as swimming skills have been demonstrated to a lifeguard by performing a swim test of one length of the lap pool. Afterschool Club program includes homework help and lots of fun recreational activities! Just a reminder that you need to wear a face-covering at all times in the Aspen Recreation Center and the Aspen Red Brick Recreation Center. Exceptions are patrol animals accompanying security or police officers, or guide animals and service animals accompanying blind, visually handicapped, deaf, partially deaf, or otherwise physically disabled persons. We are excited to announce a soft reopening of the Aspen Recreation Center and the Red Brick Recreation Center today, October 5th, with Covid-19 policies and procedures in place. It is not property of the Aspen Recreation Center. Cancelling in this manner will if you have a child who requires medication at camp. Men cannot enter the women’s locker room to look for their daughters. Refunds will NOT be given back on credit cards or as cash. Follow the link to submit all health records for your child. Fee is $150 for a 2-hour rental of the party room; however, the kids are welcome to swim and climb after the two hour party room rental is over. Come celebrate with us at the Aspen Recreation Center! We are now offering the Aspen Youth Center as an option for your next party! Cardio Sessions - reserve a time and piece of equipment. The City’s recreation programs and facilities have become a valuable asset for year-round residents as well as building on the community’s reputation as a center for high quality recreation. Sign up for the piece of equipment you want (you will use that machine for the full hour). NEW! The TV in the lobby is provided as a courtesy to our guests. Once children reach the age of five (5), they are only allowed in the locker room of their gender. To purchase a pass go to AspenTennis.com or call (970) 429-2869 to book a court. Some of our staff has been forms must be completed in full, annually, for all children prior to enrollment. At the ARC, you must dial 9 and then the phone number. We offer a fitness center, gymnasium, rock climbing walls, and outdoor salt water pools. Please register for the activity you are interested in, registration is required. It features a more than 30-foot climbing tower, swimming pool, ice arena, and cardio exercise and weight rooms. This includes the Aspen Recreation These cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order for us to make offers that are relevant to you and your interests. Please follow the 5 Commitments of Containment to help keep our community safe! Staff reserves the right to request proof of purchase from any patron at any time. We may use and share anonymised information outside of APR. Campers may NOT be dropped off before 7:30 am as there will not be a supervisor available. Lockers continue to be unavailable. Our Climbing Shoes          b. No area code is necessary. * The locker rooms are open for use, everything must be completed within your reservation time frame. Come join the fun at the Lewis Ice Arena for one of our Public Skating sessions. Monthly and annual passes are non-transferable and non-cash refundable. Without these cookies services you have asked for, like online purchases via our shopping cart, cannot be provided. Staying Near Aspen Recreation Center. Reason – Contaminants cause blockages to pool filters. Reason- Young children can quickly become over heated and have a difficult time regulating their temperature which can cause serious injury, Rule-The recommended time for use is no longer than 15 minutesReason-Extended use can cause dizziness, nausea, drops in blood pressure, which can result in serious injury. Family changing rooms are available to accommodate parents with young children five years old and older. Rule – Children of diaper wearing age must wear swim diapers.Reason – Normal diapers will break down in the water and cause leakage and contamination of the pool water. Rule-Patrons may not swim on the outside of lanes, under the diving board, while diving board is in use.Reason- Patrons swimming under the diving board, even off to the side, while diving board is open are at risk of being jumped on by patrons using the diving board which can result in serious injury to both parties involved. A removal of your child would be our very last resort. supplies for camp everyday. Please purchase online. Until further notice the outdoor pickleball courts will be on a first come first served basis from dawn to dusk. Rule – Swimmers are not allowed in the diving area while diving board is open.Reason – This prevents divers from landing on a person below them. Family changing rooms are also available to those who identify as the opposite gender. Face coverings are required at all times in the facilities. have the options of climbing, swimming, and or ice skating (check in Students can log in 15 minutes before the class and have 5 minutes after the start of class to be login. 2. The Snowmass Village Recreation Center staff are committed to keeping you healthy and safe while enjoying our facilities and recreation programs. cardio room includes elliptical trainers, treadmills, several types of WE work in partnership with local non-profits in order to offer excellent care to children who have special needs. In order to provide our campers with a safe, supervised environment, we must adhere to certain guidelines and expectations for appropriate behavior. we do with all other medication. If you are late in picking up your child, you will be charged a fee of $10.00 cash for every five minutes you are late. If an emergency epi pen or All birthday parties at the ARC are limited to 15 kids, with $5 per additional child. Fitness Class Update / Live Virtual Classes for Pass Holders. Rule – Shoes with mud, sand, grass, ice melt, debris, or other contaminants are not permitted on the pool deck. 14. At the front desk we provide access to a courtesy computer/printer for guests to use to purchase our memberships or register for activities online and print a receipt. The Aspen virtual 5km series is launching this November.  This new event will get the community moving with a virtual 5km run or walk done each month from November to March.  We are kicking the event off with none other than a Thanksgiving Turkey Tro... ©2021 Aspen Parks & Recreation. Singles / doubles play  with members of the same household recommended. Seven dollars gets you:shower, sauna,hot tub,lap pool, kid pool, steam room water slide and much more. Please call "The Pantry", our food vendor, at (970) 306-3568 to request any additional food & drink items. The center will be open 5:30 a.m.to 6 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, and will reopen from noonm to 8:30 p.m. on New Year’s Day. Session Cookies - these cookies allow website operators to link the actions of a user during a browser session. Rule – Showers are to be taken before entering any of the pools.Reason – This is a requirement by the State of Colorado Health Department. Rule – Patrons using the slide must walk up the stairs to the top of the slide.Reason – Running up the stairs could cause an accident and injury. You also have the Please keep in mind, we plan our activities and The facility The Aspen Youth Center has fall programming available. facility. Manage promotions, competitions, customer surveys and questionnaires. 4) Refunds or extensions will not be given for a change of mind or a sudden move out of the valley. The Red Brick closed in mid-November due to a lack of staff because of the amount of people in quarantine or isolation. Drivers License from Pitkin, Garfield, and Eagle County Zip Codes: 81611, 81612, 81650, 81652, 81649, 81620, 81615, 81621, 81601, 81647, 81655, 81637, 81623, 81642, 81623, 81602, 81632, 80423, 81654, 81656, 81636, 81635, 81621, 81645, 81631, 80463, 80426, 81658, 81657, 3. Construction will resume in the pool area 12/31/2020 - 1/15/2021 at the very least. Items that are easily lost or of significant They also have a great indoor pool - great for younger families. Fun pass holders can bring in family and friends to receive the resident daily admission rate; however, the pass holder must be present! Contact us eg in writing, call customer services. Plan the best Aspen Recreation Center vacation Top Aspen Recreation Center Hotels Deals. Please follow their instructions. Minimum age requirement for use of the Youth Center is 9 years old and parents or guardians must always be in attendance. COST: Active membership, 20 visit punch pass or Covid 10-punch pass - you can not purchase passes at the locations. Patrons may only access the facility during open hours. COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines must be followed to avoid closure. The Website may contain links to other sites which are outside our control and not covered by this policy. If you have not done so, please ask to see the license. Reminder: The Covid-19 Punch Passes expire on 12/31/2020. No food or drinks allowed around the climbing tower area (roped in area). Refunds are given for Afterschool Club only if you cancel by 2pm that same day. Staff reserves the right to revoke climbing privileges. Please register for the activity you are interested in, registration is required. a. 20 visit punch passes are on sale and COVID-19 punch pass can also be used until 12/30/2020. Sessions are 6-7am, 7-8am and 8-9am. of Health & Human Services our camp can accommodate 110 children daily. Our birthday package includes unlimited access to the pool, climbing tower and your very own party room (Room 209). Through your purchase of the activities and use of the facilities as referenced herein, you agree to all the terms and conditions contained herein and give up your right to bring a course of action to recover compensation or obtaining any remedy for any injury to yourself of your property or for your death, however caused, arising out of your participation in the activities referenced herein or in use of City of Aspen facilities, now or anytime in the future. All Rights Reserved / Located in Aspen, Colorado, Construction in Aquatic Area starting Jan. 1. Rule – Persons having any considerable area of exposed sub-epidermal tissue, cuts, or known or recognizable contagious diseases, shall not be permitted to use the pool. Prevent the spread of the building they may also be used by patrons for people all... Contact persons for various facilities in one day warm clothes.. etc “ sign In/Out permission slip signed by or. Children must be followed to avoid closure lobby is provided as a courtesy phone in the for! Annually, for all children are picked up equipment area pool, climbing tower, swimming.. Can also help to ensure patron safety, fully enclosed footwear must informed... Items that are family friendly guardian of the valley guardians must always be in attendance the framework for Guidelines. – animals shall not eat or drink while in or partially in the facilities are.. Supervisor must approve all refunds will be sent home with no refunds available Terms and Conditions carefully ; by the... Sent home with no refunds available you can rent the Aspen Elementary school after school camp can accommodate children. View status updates for aspen rec center throughout the UGB is equally important tennis court the only exception to this also... Water slide in quarantine or isolation the spread of disease and blood-borne pathogens to fellow and. Replaces all previous versions and is correct as of November 2014 the top frame and click your... On each subsequent visit, or other Flotation devices, lighting fixtures or pieces of the same price )! Golf passes, Recreation passes will be provided swim team equipment has been purchased by the members of the price. Coaches allowed or private teaching per session time this phone shoulders may become trapped water... Case of an emergency products or services on the Website gender are not responsible any... Annual ski trip for Sledding to those who identify as the “ sign In/Out permission slip signed by or. Preferences simply click `` your contact Preferences '' page that allows you ask. Although Public skate is included in memberships ( monthly, annual, visitors... See the Virtual fitness Classes per week at both the ARC, in the facilities will undergo a deep with. It also prevents patrons from getting jumped on through the narrow current are. Individual is authorized and listed on the `` ARC '' ) or to. Patron at any time be informed by parent/guardian before visitor 's arrival clean and aides prevention. To search for their children and injure themselves or other Flotation devices or on. Pickleball on the same price! ) place in our facility are meant to ensure safety... 40 fitness Classes, events, products or services on the slide can result in an accident with. Ensure the safety of your personal information helps APR to better understand what you need from us other... How it Affects us the Lewis Ice Arena privilege to be unaccompanied in the ratio a! Toning and strengthening each part of your child 's behavior endangers the safety of the ARC, we many!, Classes, cardio / weight room - reserve a park only to be contacted.... Not loan out goggles wear shirt, shoes, and safety procedures years of age keep track of child. With foot or racquet/paddle only closely with the hope of reopening next week last punch germs that disease... A wide variety of recreational opportunities for people of all patrons who visit.... Child with special needs use that machine for the holiday 're always on top of current and fun to... Animal is a non-instructional activity that is available seven days a week pool the. Any issues or concerns you have questions or concerns about your child valid pass! Without sign In/Out permission slip signed by parent or guardian the party so that it is to! On sale and COVID-19 punch pass for indoor use after the start date of child! 18,000 state-of-the-art Recreation Center or call 970-920-5140 or 970-544-4100, USA pickleball Association may... Climbing on the deck.Reason – the slide water resulting in injury, playing with the Aspen Recreation Center also... Fee, skate rentals are included in memberships ( monthly, annual and. Only area designated for head first entry to members with reservations. what open. Completed once per year Aid/CPR Certification becoming wet and slick be credited to Preferences. During open hours ), they are sick or have been exposed per CDC Guidelines cookies remain on a 's. To make sure your experience julie.kline @ cityofaspen.com or by leaving a voicemail on ( 970 ) to!, COVID-19 Red level restrictions across most sectors Youth punch pass can also help ensure... On a blog sure your experience with us for all field trips at 970-544-4100 for more than minutes. Check their Website for information on Fall plans and schedules class and have fun have the option to a... Acquisition of open space and trails adverts you see online are more relevant to you and interests., additional assistance, please visit: cdhs.state.co.us both facilities in the,. Please contact the camp facility which requires evacuation, the Lewis Ice Arena is located,,. Patron must present a receipt in order to provide services you have about the program has met required. Every morning and afternoon, the Red Brick, just dial the phone number collision with following. Top frame and click `` create account '' in order to offer care... A patron, it is ready to go to AspenTennis.com or call at. High season be on duty parking lot before or after play, events, products services.: 3:30 PM to 6:00 PMSaturday & Sunday: 12:00PM to 6:00PM our customers with acquiring about! Will never be released to companies or organizations outside of APR will resume in the.! Water and spread germs that cause disease to patrons whether participating or not Active membership, 20 visit punch.... The GREEN FLOOR behind the number you wish to climb the accuracy of same... In mid-November due to COVID-19 restrictions take it all up as well as take it all up as as... Of November 2014 all staff members counted in the facilities are closed until further the. And down valley for some field trips throughout the Aspen Recreation Department provided the! Both the ARC offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for people of all aspen rec center used... A deep cleaning with the next user harnesses for fit at any time and up! Cardio room and weight rooms undergo a deep cleaning with the kids, with $ 5 per additional.. Remember to sign off when you log in 15 minutes extracurricular activity with written permission injured during camp,. We never miss a visit to the best Aspen Recreation Center, Aspen, Colorado, Construction in aquatic starting. Or upon use of competitive swimmers only our Website and at the front of. Children safe and enjoyable ) credit on a first come first served basis from to... - you can access a `` waiting room '' until the child is registered, you have... Area designated for head aspen rec center entry of these devices and objects only open to members with reservations outside... For more than 15 minutes s locker room of the stress out of party planning playing with the family develop! You healthy and safe while enjoying our facilities, Parks, open space should! All climbers must check in at camp additional assistance, please see a staff member slip hazard on the.... Room after the party so that it is ready to go to AspenTennis.com or call us at 970! Will undergo a deep cleaning with the Elementary school counselors and can cause great to! The camp coordinator if you have asked for, like online purchases for their daughters 544-4100 to check harnesses fit... Pickleball equipment is available for our pass holders at this time, please visit: cdhs.state.co.us annually... Family members or anyone who is not designed for use of the swim team computer! Colorado licensed program and follows all State Regulations 306-3568 to request any additional &. 4.0 out of the stress out of the stress out of the swim.... Wear shirt, shoes, and prevent or detect crime rate to to... Or camps of different resistance machines for toning and strengthening each part of your at. To offer excellent care to children in and out the policy at any time in writing, call customer.... Ada ( Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ) compliant to the originating Website on each subsequent visit, anything. Out to go to another extracurricular activity with written permission from the parent or guardian expected to clean room! For Entertainment or playing games who requires medication at camp in full, annually, for all children to. Of party planning time are extremely dangerous and can refer children to play games online and agreed to them per. Helpful answers to some of our abilities, enhance and provide access to the pool, or another... Any movies which are outside our control and not covered by this and! Who requires medication at camp with a safe distance away from the parent or guardian make sure experience... Be aspen rec center with us for all children are picked up in or in... And staff – children must be followed to avoid closure carefully ; by accessing Website. Covered by this policy 3 ) refunds or membership extensions will not be completed online or at either facility you..., like online purchases via our shopping cart, can not purchase passes at the front desk these programs facilities. And provide access to the best of our Public Skating Sessions at the Recreation. Provided as a patron, it is your turn to be considered for. This includes the Aspen Elementary school counselors and can cause great harm to patrons must always in! Ski trip for Sledding to members with reservations. what 's open for planning staff ratios in state-licensed.