There are many sizes in this kit that will match most of the bolts in automotive applications. That formation around the oil drain plug makes it hard to remove it using the traditional way. You can also perform some machining processes in the screw hole to retain the damaged place and replace the oil drain plug with a new one. I guess I should have used the older type torque wrench. Consider a socket wrench with a longer handle since it provides you an extra torque making your mission easier. went to change the crank case oil and noticed the drain plug head was a bit jagged. Assemble the toggle bolt through the steel. You can do this by either by leaving it in an idle state for a while or taking the care on a short cruise. Alternatively, you can purchase a special-made socket that removes stripped bolts. Secure a pair of round-jaw vice grip pliers around the stripped drain plug. If Any of the above steps still don’t work, here is a step that will give you better … When you over tighten the plug, you are damaging the screw pitch. Locate the engine oil pan. The main reason why an oil drain plug gets stuck is due to sludge. A gator grip has little teeth that will help you take off the drain plug from the oil … During oxidation, the molecules of engine oil break down. The other way is to apply heat on the oil drain plug. One of... Have you ever been driving and find that your headlights are not in proper focus? The torque on the plastic oil filter cover is 25Nm max. Drill a hole in a piece of flat cold rolled steel stock. The thread size on the FB engine is M16-1.50 and Dorman makes a drain plug that fits with a 17mm head. Turn the oil drain plug counterclockwise with the adjustable wrench. Once you have drained all the oil in the oil pan, use a clean cloth to clean the teeth of the oil pan and put a new gasket. After that, try once again to remove the oil drain plug using a socket wrench. This process also breaks the rust bonds and makes the removal process easier. I did my first ever oil change in my Boxster this morning...went mostly fine other that the newbie mistake of letting the oil come out too 986 Forum - for Porsche Boxster & Cayman Owners Stripped Oil Drain Plug - 986 Forum - for Porsche Boxster & Cayman Owners If your plug is already tightly crossthreaded, and the threads in your oil pan are damaged, then you have a problem. Use it by spraying some on the oil drain plug and let it react. The oil then tends to oxidize under high temperatures. Using any hydraulic jack high up the car, then locate the oil drain plug and try to move the oil drain plug clockwise or counterclockwise until it loosens. If the threads are completely stripped it can even lead to the drain plug not fitting at all which would leave your engine completely empty of oil and unable to be ran. An oil pan is made from either stamped steel or aluminum, and either metal can be damaged if the oil drain bolt is over-tightened or cross-threaded. About 50% of the Vanagons that come through GoWesty have damaged or totally stripped-out oil drain plug holes. Using a hydraulic jack or a manual jack, lift the car in properly. Ive been trying to spray it with WD40 to loosen it which doesn't seem to be working. So now all I can think of is taking a torch lightly to the drain plug heating it … If it will not move, tap the vice grips with a hammer until it begins to turn. Engine oil stays in the oil pans found in the vehicle. Before starting the process of changing the engine oil yourself, you need to decide which socket size you will use. There are four common plug sizes which include, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 inch. The oil then tends to oxidize under high temperatures. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > ... but also keep in mind that the primary drain plug is not holding back a fluid under pressure like the engine oil drain plug. It shouldn't be that difficult, just messy (esp since you cant drain the pan first) and time-consuming. The sludge forms around the drain plug because the oil in the engine has exceeded its oil change time. This is a stripped oil plug removal tool designed specifically to remove rounded, rusted, or painted-over bolts and plugs. Squeeze equal parts of the steel and hardener onto a paper plate and mix thoroughly Remove … Reinstall the oil drain plug the same way you removed it then tighten it using the socket wrench in a clockwise way. It's 1000cc motor with a 4 speed transmission. Serena Styles is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food. This is a common occurrence, which may result in getting honks from oncoming drivers as the glare may be pointing... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Use a new copper gasket on the drain plug with every oil change. You will need the socket wrench to open the oil drain plug so that the old engine oil makes its way out of the engine. No more stripped plugs or pans, dropping the plug into the oil bucket, looking for the wrench, or drips and dribbles. I tried a stripped bolt kit which just totally rounded the bolt. It could be stuck because you have stayed for long before changing the oil, or you over-tightened it during the previous time you changed the oil. But what if this oil drain plug is stuck? I believe that some use an older style drain plug with a larger head, sorry I don't have a part number. Try a Gator Grip. This is one of the ways that experts use. It is also a multi-use tool and can be used for various purposes. Use the proper-sized socket with the right number of sides. Stripping the threads in the pan can cause the oil to leak out around the bolt. Options to repair a stripped oil drain plug. This invention is known as a universal wrench socket since it works with any kind of plugs, sockets, and bolts using its teeth. Every now and then, you will find a mechanic who thinks the oil drain bolt should be tightened with an impact gun. Even if the oil change guy is less experienced than a real mechanic I suspect he is better than the preschoolers working at a local shop. In the case where the plug is over tightened, you have to change the whole oil pan. The tool is made of high carbon steel to ensure durability and long life. It also works well with a stuck oil drain plug of a motorcycle with a wide range of “sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm, 5/16 inch, 11/16 inch, and ¾ inch in drive size 3/8 inch”. Just like other metal properties, the heat causes it to expand. Turn the pliers to the left, or counterclockwise, to loosen the drain plug. Beware not to damage the oil drain plug or its teeth. Having a stripped out oil drain plug is something very annoying. Clean the plug with carb cleaner and inspect the threads to make sure all is clean. If the 2nd step fails, do not lose hope. How to remove a stripped or rounded oil drain plug - YouTube This may also be true of any of the bolts that hold the oil pan on--and you will need to extract them, too, if you need to remove the whole oil pan for any reason. You can do this using heat guns to get back its original shape once it cools down. Do not use flat-jaw vice grips because they will not lock around the bolt as securely. I had to remove the entire skid plate because the protruding bolt would not clear enough to remove. First off, it might be difficult to remove, so avoid using vice grips, as those may strip the head. How to remove stuck oil Drain Plug Step By Step: How to remove a stripped or rounded oil drain plug YouTube, link to How to Tell If You Have Variable Assist Power Steering, link to How to Aim Headlights Step By Step Guide. The main reason why an oil drain plug gets stuck is due to sludge. I have a stripped drain plug that is stuck on. After you have located the engine oil pan, some rust removal spray. When Styles isn't writing, she can be found hiking, cooking or working as a certified nutritionist. It is not bad to ask for help when things become complicated. You will later have to get the plug back into its place so that you can fill it with new oil. Crank case refers to the motor oil pan,, 6mm allen rear fill plug would be for the Transmission,, 8mm allen you can siphon the motor oil from the dipstick if you want to go that route try tapping a Torx bit into the stripped allen plug,, if that doesn't work there are several threads on this forum about removing it Speaking three languages and working on a fourth, Styles is pursuing a Bachelor's in Linguistics and preparing to travel the world. Another reason which would make the oil drain plug stuck is over-tightening. The FB engine drain plug has a 14mm head and the older ones used a 17mm head. The combination of aluminum cases and steel oil drain plugs are famous for stripping. Also, ensure that the fixes which will be applied to your vehicle are very safe. However, be careful of whom you seek help. Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Double ELL, Apr 15, 2013. Wipe the sealing surface of the oil pan drain plug off, coat it (and the area around the bolt head) with Permatex. I worked for a long time at Global Rebound Automotive companies (Toyota, TATA, BMW, Nissan, TVs, and Others ) as a Mechanic and Mechanics Supervisor. Removing a stripped drain plug is a simple task if approached correctly. While I was at it, I also welded a little longer 9/16 bolt into the fill plug for the front gear case. Drain your oil and install a new oil filter and rubber o-ring on the cap. Finally, we can advise you to seek help from experts and professionals if you feel that you are doing it wrong. You May Like: How to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter. Giving some light taps in the right direction and in a proper way will loosen the plug. The best tool to use to loosen the oil drain plug is the socket wrench. If it turns easily, the plug may … Using lubricants works well in such situations because they have a magical effect on a stuck item. Here are the four options to repair a stripped drain plug. How to Tell If You Have Variable Assist Power Steering. (090-054CD). Clean the drain plug opening thoroughly with brake cleaner or acetone and let the car sit in that position until the oil pan drain opening is perfectly dry Mix the JB Weld. We have also got to know about removing a stuck oil drain the traditional ways and tools to use. The reason why it is located here is for it to drain the maximum amount of oil, when changing engine oil. Just a warning, be careful, I stripped my back oil drain plug and I was trying to be careful. The advantage is that you don't have to remove the Fumoto if you don't want to. When the plug is seated, snug it up with a socket wrench and leave it alone. Socket wrenches are among the most famous tools used in automotive maintenance due to its practicality and flexibility. A stripped oil pan drain plug can be especially frustrating because it will leave your oil drain plug loose causing a constant leak. After that, the rest is just a routine oil change. Let the person explain to you what is happening and why. Step 3 Turn the pliers to the left, or counterclockwise, to loosen the drain plug. Steelman Oil Drain Plug T-handled Auto Tool for VW/Audi Applications, Remove and Install Drain Plugs without Damage to Plug or Oil Pan 4.6 out of 5 stars 14 $11.99 $ 11 . The sludge forms around the drain plug because the oil in the engine has exceeded its oil change time. I am a specialist and certified automotive mechanics (Both Heavy Commercial and Private Cars). Says so right on it. Use A Hammer. Can You Have White Exhaust Smoke With a ... How to Change a Fuel Filter in a 2003 ... How to Replace the Rear Speakers in a ... vice grip pliers with screws image by JoLin from, Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, "Auto Repair For Dummies;" Deanna Sclar; 2008, "Auto Upkeep: Basic Car Care, Maintenance, and Repair;" Michael E. Gray and Linda E. Gray; 2007, "The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair;" Dennis Parks; 2008. Dealer charges $29.95 for a dexos synthetic blend change. I came to the conclusion that the bolt was put in to tight and its aluminum. What would you do to remove the drain plug? I have been working as a mechanic for over fifteen years. Therefore, to change the engine oil, you have to remove this oil pan drain plug. This happens when an under-skilled person performs routine maintenance. Recently bought my 3rd baster. After this, park the car on a stable surface. There are some ways and tricks you can use to solve this problem. Begin by ensuring that the car is parked on a stable surface. :hihi: Now remove your lower oil pan. Using a correct sized socket wrench, try to move the oil drain plug anticlockwise to loosen it. Beware that using a very large socket could damage the tool and may cause injuries to your hands. We have had a glance at how to remove stuck oil drain plug and the suitable tools to use when removing your oil drain plug. These oil pans use drain plugs to keep the oil in it. Order a new drain plug for your vehicle prior to removing the stripped plug so you have a replacement on hand. Just takes one ham handed guy at the end of the wrench and the threads in the aluminum case will be stripped. The oil drain plug is a threaded bolt made from a soft metal (like aluminum) with a sealing gasket tightened to the bottom or side of the engine oil pan. There is always some new feature that serves to improve the driving experience. Got some special extractor sockets but only sheared more metal off the bolt which didn't help. Do not use flat-jaw vice grips because they will not lock around the bolt as securely. The molecules mix with the dirt in the engine coming from comb… Secure a pair of round-jaw vice grip pliers around the stripped drain plug. Once the seal between the oil drain plug and pan is broken, a couple of turns on the wrench should get the plug loose enough to turn by hand. Changing your vehicle's oil on your own is a cheaper alternative to paying a shop to do it. Do not grief. You May Like: How To Remove A Stripped Spark Plug. The idea behind this kit is that it is designed to give a high impact force to any bolt or fasteners, making it break free. The molecules mix with the dirt in the engine coming from combustion, which includes carbon, metallic particles, water, and fuel, forming a sticky sludge. Expanding rubber oil drain plug. Always remember that safety comes first. The gator grip may help you to remove the plug. Stripped out threads on primary oil drain hole. Here is your guide on how to remove a stuck oil drain plug. In the process, the oil drain bolt threads may be stripped or the oil drain bolt head may be damaged. This is a very easy task. Rust removers work like a solvent substance for sludge and rust. One of these ways is by using Irwin Tools BOLT-GRIP Extractor. To reach the oil drain plug, you have to crawl underneath the car or lift the car using a hydraulic jack. A heli-coil repair is the least intrusive method to fix such a failure, and the resulting repair is better than new. Seems to be a common issue on the FB engine. Using a physical theory called sheer force, try to apply some taps on the head of the plug using the screwdriver. Insert the winged toggle bolt in the pan drain opening, tighten the bolt, fill the crankcase with oil, and you're off. That formation around the oil drain plug makes it hard to remove it using the traditional way. I decided to tack weld a short 9/16 bolt into the stripped out plug and removed it with a regular socket. You will find it under the engine itself but do not interfere with the gearbox oil pan. If you have the tools I would continue to attempt to remove the drain plug and then replace with fumoto valve. One of the simplest ways of removing a stuck oil drain plug is to let the car warm up. Make sure that you are getting help from an expert. My friend and I created this website to share our knowledge, expertise, and experience with our fellow mechanics' community and car users. Repair a stripped oil drain plug diy stripped oil pan drain plug repair leaking oil pan bolt or stripped allen oil drain plug stripped repair an oil pan drain plug How To Remove A Stripped Oil Drain PlugI Have A Stripped Oil Drain Plug HelpOil Pan Drain Plug Stripped North American MotoringI Have A Stripped… Read More » At least as long as I don’t over tighten the plug. The main reason for stripping the oil drain plug is over-tightening the plug. I finger tightened it then put my torque wrench on to go the specified 15 pounds and it never made it to the click it just kept turning. Get the proper socket that matches the oil drain plug size and use it to remove the stuck oil drain plug. As you feel the drain plug begin to loosen, wedge a flathead screwdriver between the plug and the oil pan to pry it out. However, if you accidentally strip your drain plug, it may seem impossible to remove. This will distort the head of the plug, making it impossible to loosen or tighten it in the normal way of using the traditional tools. Put some force with a hammer. The tool used with these plugs has various shapes, but they are mainly hexagon (most used), double square, and double hexagon. All that is required is a few tools and 10 minutes of spare time. An oil drain plug is a large nut usually located in the lowest point of the oil pan at the bottom of the engine where all engine oil capacity rests. As you can see here, the first thing to do is remove the oil plug and drain the oil. Once that happen, you’ll leak oil. The other tip is to use a hammer and try to tap on the oil drain plug. Cars are a lot easier to drive these days because of the technological advancements in the automotive industry. During oxidation, the molecules of engine oil break down. So inspection with a magnet is easy. Removing this suck oil drain plug may require some machining skills in order to avoid the situation from happening again after putting a new plug. Junky DIY guy did an excellent how-to guide on 5 different ways to remove rounded or stripped bolts. In a weeks time I suspect the dealers oil change guy works on dozens of cruze, within a few months the guy is an expert at our cars. Overtighten the oil drain plug and you can strip the threads out of the oil pan. 99 So having a stuck, rounded, or stripped oil drain plug is not such a big problem. To replace the oil pan you're looking for MOPAR 5184546AC ($75), assuming you have a 2012+. Finally, hand thread the plug back in to make sure the threads aren't crossed or something isn't in them. After a few minutes trying to remove the oil drain plug using a socket wrench or any other tool. Hi There, I am R. Hasan Tito, a mechanic, and owner of this website. If the hole has not been too badly butchered, the easiest and best way to repair the drain hole is with a heli-coil. Some tools you will need are a hammer and a flathead screwdriver. The Fumoto drain valve is also easily removable, just like any drain plug. Unfortunately, if you came to this step, this means that all the above tips and steps have failed to help you remove the stock oil drain plug. Apart from the traditional ways, there are also professional effort-free ways you can use to remove a stripped bolt or oil drain plug. I stopped but the damage was done. You'll want your motor to be relatively cool for this to be sure the bolts come out safely and the pan can't warp.