One of these maps is called "Forest West", located west of Cindersap Forest. The "town.xnb" file no longer needs to be replaced. Added dependencies to the SVE and IF2R manifests. 09-14-2020: Fixed a bug where players could place objects in the ruined shed, which vanish when the shed's repaired. Allows more compatibility for other mods. Added several additions to the Spirits Eve Festival and Stardew Valley Fair. From the SVE description page: "Crafting requires more/different resources. This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. This map is only for IF2R. Added compatibility for the Looking For Love mod. Redesigned the surrounding area of the IF2R greenhouse. ^. file type Game mod. Players must set mature events to "true" in the config to enable the content of these events. In the config.json file, you can turn on Harder Building Construction. Made several changes to Kent's mature 10 heart event dialogue. REGARDING MORRIS AND MARLON: I don't feel comfortable releasing Morris and Marlon in their current buggy state. This is another addition to the seasonal edits configuration (default = "true"). Changed the configuration name “Harder Crafting” to “Balanced Crafting” and further adjusted crafting recipes. Mod creator “FlashShifter” notes that this new farm layout is in fact smaller than the previous one, though it … Rasmodius has received a new event, taking place in his tower. 09-16-2020: Fixed a bug where Claire's 4 heart event didn't correctly use an alternate event scenario if the player had completed the joja route. Changed butterfish and puppyfish spawn time to anytime of the day. Removed the static trees below the bridge on IF2R and replaced them with interactable trees due to requests. Marlon has received a new event, taking place at the railroad when raining. Removed the fake trashcans outside of Pelican Town. The minecart in the farm cave has been moved outside, allowing more compatibility with farmcave mods. Fixed a compatibility issue with the More Fish mod. Fixed an issue where players couldn't progress in Harvey's 10 heart event when choosing a question fork option. These events will be revisited in a future update with different narratives (completely new events). Fixed an issue where some SVE events were missing music. Removed some static flowers from the bus stop map due to requests. Adjusted the damage of “Neptune’s Glaive”. Fixed an issue where players got stuck in the Oasis building when using the desert totem. Added Claire, a Joja cashier, as a fully fledged NPC. Removed the random probability trigger on Marlon's event. The original creator has since left, but there is an unofficial update provided, that makes it work with the 1.4 patch. The mines have been relocatted eastward and water now runs underneath the bridge, connecting to the mountain lake. like a creep, despite players completing the community center. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Changed the earthquake message on summer year 1 day 3 to an explosion. Added compatibility for Ran's Harvest Goddess. If you change it to true, buildings cost more money and resources to make. Temporarily disabled dynamic NPC crop growth in Pelican Town to fix the above bug. The HMTGF statue can now be found in Pelican Town. Fixed a hard crash with Abigail's 14 heart event. Bundles will require more resources, and in some cases, different resources. Fixed a bug where players couldn't gift Marlon at the Winter Star festival. Removed the Harvest Goddess compatibility patch. This event is triggered after the player has reached level 120 in the mines, at a 30% trigger chance. (Optional) You won't benefit from SVE characters' phone drama if you don't play using SVE. Players most throw out their old IF2R folder and reinstall. Edited all locational messages to be more neutral and direct. Fixed an issue where Olivia's 6 heart event caused crashes. Fixed and issue where you could not talk to Victor on several occasions. Lewis' schedule on Thursdays has been changed. Fixed an issue where debris spawned in out of bound areas on Grandpa's Farm. Fixed an issue where Alesia had multiple character sprites in the Adventurer Guild. Never . 09-16-2020: Fixed map glitches on IF2R caused by the map configurations. Shearwater bridge is now locked off until players reach level 8 fishing and have received a letter from Willy. These trees blocked Sebastian from view during one of his schedules. file size 10.9 KB. Fixed an issue where players couldn't obtain artifacts near Grandpa's Shed. Only triggerable year 1 in spring. Stardew Valley Expanded - Immersive Farm 2 Remastered Configurations. Added 3 new fish: 'King Salmon', 'Frog', and 'Razor Trout'. Fixed an issue where Olivia clipped into the fireplace couch in Victor's 8 heart event. 09-19-2020: Fixed the viewports for Sophia's, Victor's, and Olivia's 12 heart events. were glitched for farmhands. Most daggers deal over double their original damage, making them a viable option over swords/hammers. As of 2.0.2-unofficial.11-mouse, this mod should be completely 1.5 compatible, has two required packs and one optional pack: The FTM pack is pretty generic and adds a bit of forage on grass tiles and ore in the quarry. Players must remove the custom "extras" tilesheets (not z_extras) from their IF2R assets folder for this to take effect. 10-18-2020: Fixed an issue where Sebastian was sitting in mid-air during his 6 heart event.

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