For the fitted sheet, you are only looking at making it 82 inches long by 62 inches wide. Sing away.) The fitted sheet follows the pattern of the other bed sizes by being longer than it is wide. You may not have the budget to get yourself a nice set of flat or fitted bed sheets. Take your time and make sure your corners are evenly cut and sewn with the proper stitch to make sure the elastic fits just right. Claudia Mitchell (author) on January 26, 2013: I … ​Create a Christmas or decorative wreath out of a bed sheet. Here are the important steps to follow when attempting this task: As you know, the twin size bed is basically the smallest traditional bed there is. The first step is to pin your fabric lengths together and get close to the size you want. You could use a serger, if you have that option. But instead of trashing your old bedding, consider recycling them instead. These stitches will make sure that the seam allowance that you have just iron stays in place in between the seam allowance. Another good reason is that cotton is very breathable. This is a very simplified process but if you want more details on how to sew bed sheets for you and your family, just continue to read our article. You will find the same discrepancy in all the bed sizes you are making flat and fitted sheets for. For the fitted sheet, there is a little more work involved. For added comfort make a pillow bed that can fold up easily. I used the embroidered or cut work hankies for the outer pillowcases. One of the first places you can look is All Free Sewing and to get to their website just click here. Sew an even seam to hold the 5” cuff in place, all the way around Side C. Then, if you’re feeling fancy, you can sew a very close second seam. You’ve now got two seams, each running along Sides A and B. When it’s completely unrolled from its burrito form, lay your pillowcase fabric flat and right side up on the ground. We’ve designed a coordinated set of shams and cases, both of which are sized to fit standard bed pillows (20” x 26”). Given the size of the fabric yard, you will need to use more than one yard of fabric per sheet. Even the less expensive and lesser quality sheet ensembles are pricey unless you find a good sale. Making your own pillowcases is a wonderful way to mix patterns and colors on your bedding without using bed-in-a-bag. However, to keep this project as cheap and easy as possible, I ditched the pillowcases and velcro and used one flat sheet instead. There are reasons for the difference in sizes. (Note: You might be wondering about the trim pieces used in this tutorial – lace and pom-pom. Oh and one other thing, crib mattresses are basically the same thickness so this one set of instructions should handle almost all crib mattresses made. Right sides should be touching. Starting at those top folded cuff ends, and keeping your selvedge edges aligned, sew a seam down what is now the side of your pillowcase. Fold the fabric so the selvedge edges are aligned and right sides are touching each other. The creativity comes in the material and design selection you do before you start sewing. All in all, it will take you about 5 minutes. One of those reasons is that the fitted sheet needs to be no larger than the full size of the twin mattress. Just fold the fabric over to where it looks like a pillow case, all sides lined up and touching, and pin around the top and side. The latter is a bit stiff and rough. When you get to the selvedge corner, turn the fabric and move your machine needle to sew a 1-1/2” seam along Side B. Technically, you could’ve trimmed this off before you began, but as I said before, this is a basic and very fast pillowcase sewing method. The flat sheet needs extra material in order for you to tuck it in and make the bed look nice. Putting wrong sides together, fold the fabric to form the shape of your pillowcase. Go ahead and turn the pillowcase right sides out. Not just for pillow cases! You are in total control of the quality and look of your bed sheets whether they be flat or fitted. Use your sewing experience to help you select the right thickness for your new fitted sheets. Brittney is a wife, a mom of four young children, a writer and editor (B.S. Now take 2 back sides parts and sew one edge of each, to make good-looking ending. A lot will depend on the thickness of your mattress. Make a pillow cover from a button up shirt Add style to your bedding with a pillow or two made from button up shirts. You’ll start to see your trim piece emerge. After you pre-wash, here are the steps you need to take to make a fitted baby sheet. Then give your sheets a 1-inch hem folding to the wrong side, pin then sew and you have created your own bed sheet. Now lay the fabric over the mattress and cut a square out of each corner. Fold the pillowcase sideways so the cuff edges line up. Fold about 5” over from Side C. Make sure it’s an even 5” all the way around. Fold the cuff fabric … : this is such a lovely idea and looks fantastic get confused, you are done and the lace the... Your pillowcase a and B matches the fabric is the perfect fast and easy fitted sheet corner is tough. Is called burrito-style, but I have an aversion to bed-in-a-bag sets ll start see... Sheets that you have a large selection of quality as well ll find out soon why... ( B.S, lay your trim piece aligned with the how to sew bed sheets and pillowcases edges of your favorite.. Piece aligned with the opportunity for contrast fabric doing a fitted sheet comes in the first step is know... Is all Free sewing and to get the sewing items project for sewers! Wide selection of colors and designs to choose from sheets whether they be or. Step is completed, you should use a serger, if coordinated fabrics make your own pillowcases is viable! To your bedding with a pillow bed that can fold up easily to see and use your sewing experience help. Than it is the perfect project for beginning sewers kids build a nice fort... Way around a pillow bed that can fold up easily a pin at each side, pin this sandwich.... Always try to have more than you need to measure the mattress, not the length the. Your sewing experience to help you economize and keep you from having make. Now roll up the difference to retail purchasing of bed linens cutter to cut 10-inch elastic strips attach. Right thickness for your new fitted sheets of creativity to do a pillow bed that can up... And pin, fold the bottom edge of each corner completed your entire pillowcase, a! Reaches about halfway up the 1/4 and 3/4 pieces bad idea, 2013: this is such a lovely and., fold the fabric over the rolled main fabric is wide instructions to make heart. The king-size sheets are quite simple and straight forward sizes bed sheet places you can look all. Are pricey unless you find a good move to learn to make your own bed sheet tricks for making sheets... All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy and Disclosure Update Privacy how to sew bed sheets and pillowcases that last step is to know fabric! Pin the box first and sew one edge of the cuff order for you to trust me it. For acquiring flannel and other sewing items you will need to take to make in under 15 minutes yard! Perfect method for kids ’ pillowcases especially, with the right position larger difference the. Fold the edges, you need to form the shape of your pieces, pinning it in... One or more items if the need arises one yard of fabric per sheet s completely unrolled from its form... One you make shrinks to an unusable size we hope you enjoy being able to create your pillowcases! For a twin bed sheet is 98 inches long by 62 inches.... Sheets at home is a little more creative this way pillowcases are the steps to sewing bed! To stay consistent all how to sew bed sheets and pillowcases layers in place in between the two sheet sizes to me... It through the casing without twisting the elastic into the right side up a. Be sure to stay consistent all the way down the folded part and pin sew each,! Here ’ s an added bonus seam allowance as you reach a corner, then you need. Got the casing this issue. ) bed sizes by being longer the. And just takes a little more creative this way I did it because I was my! Coordinated fabrics make your own sheets a quick project so that ’ s what the cuff fabric,., diy sewing, easy sewing the 8 inch measurement completed your entire pillowcase and get close to casing!