Here’s why: On average, gas handhelds weigh around 10 pounds, making them 2 to 3 pounds heavier than similar corded models. Our lawn needs more than 20-25 min blowing, so lithium cordless, four to five times more expensive and the 20-30 minutes … We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. When comparing Toro 51621 vs Worx WG520 Turbine, the Slant community recommends Worx WG520 Turbine for most people. We found the simple one-handed interface easy to use, and the curved handle gave us flexibility in positioning the angle of the airstream. The batteries on these tools are all interchangeable, so once you have a battery, you can purchase the other tools without batteries at a reduced price. The Oregon BL300 had a short run time of just over 13 minutes on high. The noise of an electric motor is very different from the irritating high-pitched whine of a two-stroke engine. For the most part, backpack models start in the $250 range and rise to more than $500; the small to midsize models generally cost less than $350, so they’re typically more expensive than comparable corded or cordless blowers. It’s expensive. It’s a powerful blower, but not as strong as the Ego, so even if the two models had the same run time, you wouldn’t be able to do as much with the Ryobi, but we had no problem moving leaves across a lawn with it. Therefore, this blower nicely fits in the expected budget for this kind of product. The BR 350 is chock-full of smart design features, such as an upward-oriented gas fill and a well-protected gas cap. Plus, it had high pitched whine that was annoying. The high points are that it’s very quiet, even for a cordless blower, and the adjustable handle allows for great ergonomics and minimal wrist strain, which is good because the Ryobi is on the heavier side. In our tests, during normal use with the blower at our side, this wasn’t a problem, but when we passed it from side to side or did any other operations that put the blower directly in front of us, a shirt sometimes got sucked against the intake cover—easy enough to deal with, but annoying once it happens a few times (don’t worry, the cover is substantial enough that clothes won’t get pulled into the fan). These 2 products are handheld blowers and so offer you superior mobility. $70.24 Buy It Now 29d 21h. Thus, the latter will be much easier on your ears. We tested the Stihl BR 200 small backpack blower, and although our landscapers liked the power, they didn’t like the noise. We also took the blowers into the woods to test them on the dense, damp mat of pine needles and leaves that make up the forest floor. WORX are an offshoot of the Positec Tool Corporation – a Chinese based company. As the Worx Turbine WG521 and the Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 do not share the same manufacturer, their overall build and technology in use can vary. The information provided on this website is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation. PowerSmart. And leaf mulching clears only your lawn areas—you still need something for clearing walkways, flower beds, and stonework. Thus, the latter will be much easier on your ears. The Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 with an MPH of 140 slightly exceeds the 135 MPH of the Worx Turbine WG521. In this video I use a leaf blower to inflate bounce house fast. Husqvarna models come with four lengths of tube rather than three, giving them an additional 5 inches of length. When comparing Toro 51621 vs Worx WG520 Turbine, the Slant community recommends Worx WG520 Turbine for most people. $56.97 SHOP NOW. Neither the Worx WG520 nor the Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 has the ability to vacuum leaves. But when it comes to yard tools, the selection is not as complete as Ryobi’s. According to Pherson, “Velocity helps lift the leaves, the volume helps blow them away.” The problem is that there is no standardized way to measure blowers’ airflow stats—some companies record them from the end of the blower tube, while others measure air coming directly off the motor, inflating the numbers. WORX was established in 2004 and initially sold their products by direct marketing. Most folks should start their search by considering a corded leaf blower like the Toro PowerJet F700, the best blower we’ve found in our years of researching and testing leaf blowers in the woods of New Hampshire since 2014. Judging from their low run times in a recent Popular Mechanics test, we determined that they would be unlikely to match our picks' performance. We aim to help you make your leaf blower purchase by providing all the tools you need to compare cordless, gas-powered, backpack, handheld or walk-behind leaf blowers. The long curved handle lets you adjust the angle of the blower, lessening wrist strain. The Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 produces 70.1 dB, which is significantly higher than the 50 dB of the Worx Turbine WG521. Other communities adhere to maximum decibel levels. Given the noise, Kevin Walker’s crew found that added cost hard to justify. Our new cordless recommendations are the Ego LB6504 Power+ 650 CFM Blower, the Ryobi RY40470VNM 40V 550 CFM Brushless Jet Fan Blower, and the Worx WG584 40-Volt Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower. The Worx WG521 is more powerful than the Toro, but the handle design makes it harder to control and more tiring on the arms. We prefer the premium run time of the Ego LB5604. He spent 10 years in high-end construction as a carpenter, foreman, and supervisor. The design also includes a front pommel grip, which we found useful in our tests particularly at the highest speeds, where the power of the blower could get a little intense. Toro F700 vs Worx WG520 Leaf Blower. Its 725 CFM airstream gets under heavy piles of damp leaves and moves them with ease. Even if you’re using the blower just to sweep dust out of the garage, using less air will prevent a giant dust cloud. ... WORX TriVac WG500 12 amp All-in-One Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum. WORX WG545.1 Max 20V Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Air Blower WORX WG545.1 Max 20V Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Air Blower. In our awesomeness score Toro Power Sweep 7 ranks #24 out of 161 and WORX WG518 ranks #31 out of 161. Enabling you to attack even the toughest lawn clean-up tasks, … We’ve also had a long conversation with Dan Pherson, a product manager at Stihl USA, and we’ve gotten the input of other manufacturers such as Toro and Ego. Thus, in comparison, you may find that the former is able to move more leaves per minute. Run-time tests were done on all of the cordless blowers. Our lawn needs more than 20-25 min blowing, so lithium cordless, four to five times more expensive and the 20-30 minutes … We prefer the low cost and high performance of the Toro F700. There is no trigger that you need to hold continually; it’s either off or on. The interface is one-handed and consists of a single thumb dial that turns the blower on and off and adjusts the speed. Tested against the other corded and cordless leaf blowers, the Toro has impressive air-moving power, lifting and launching wet, matted leaves with ease and blasting them farther than nearly all of the others. Most other blowers have smaller-diameter nozzles, which are nice for precision work but take more effort and more back-and-forth sweeps to clear a lawn. The PowerJet™ F700 blower has the highest CFM of any corded blower^. He also raises sheep and has a dairy cow that he milks every morning. At first, Walker and his crew liked the looks of the Ryobi RY08420A 42cc Backpack Blower, praising it for its ergonomics and general ease of use. The Ryobi is extremely quiet, eliminating all of the whine associated with leaf blowers. Its more focused airstream was even a little better than that of the Toro and Worx corded models at lifting wet, matted leaves. The Toro PowerJet F700 is an insanely powerful blower; it’s even more powerful than most gas blowers that we’ve reviewed. The Ego, with its adjustable handle, tends to tip forward, so wrist effort is needed to tip it up. I own a 16-acre property in rural New England that is loaded with maples and oaks, so leaf blowing is a crucial part of my winter preparation. Also, because the 20-volt batteries are so small, the Worx blower is very, very light. It also has a convenient spot for placing your hand while you’re pull-starting. Walker told us that it “has been a great workhorse and definitely a crew favorite for larger work areas where a lot of distance needs to be covered.” When he first looked over the unit, he mentioned its higher-pitched noise, but he told us that none of his crew members have mentioned that issue since. Overall our top pick is the Toro Electric Handheld Leaf Blower. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Toro Power Sweep 7 is more popular Cari pekerjaan yang berkaitan dengan Toro powerjet f700 vs worx wg520 atau upah di pasaran bebas terbesar di dunia dengan pekerjaan 18 m +. The Ego offers easy one-handed controls and a turbo button that can add a boost of power if needed. We did not test the now-discontinued Echo PB-500 (comparable with the midsize backpack blowers) because Popular Mechanics’s Roy Berendsohn ranked it below the Husqvarna 350BT. See Details. “Those things are just bad,” Justin said. The same statistic for the 51619 is 88% It has easy-to-use controls, a lot of power, and a precise airstream—but it’s a little heavier than our corded picks and a lot more expensive. This blower has up to 725 CFM, which is air volume to help you move large piles of leaves. At less than $60, it’s a deal—as long as being tied to an outlet works for your property. If the Toro F700 isn’t available, we recommend the Worx WG521 Turbine 800 Leaf Blower, which is the most powerful leaf blower we’ve ever tested. Includes: Gutter nozzle, 5 extension tubes, flexible tube, connection collar & shoulder strap included. On the flip side, the handle is small and there is really only one way to grip it, so a lot of strain is put on the forearm, especially at the higher speeds. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. The PowerJet™ F700 blower has the highest CFM of any corded blower^. This is for the TORO 51624 PowerJet F700 140 MPH 725 CFM 12 Amp Electric Handheld Leaf Blower, and has comparisons with similar powered Worx blower. But because it doesn’t have a gas engine, it sounds more like a really, really loud hair dryer, which, minus the heating coil, is basically what it is. In our awesomeness score Toro Power Sweep 7 ranks #24 out of 161 and WORX WG518 ranks #31 out of 161. We discovered that the blowers all measured similarly in terms of decibels but that different tones were either more or less annoying. It currently costs about $300. Aside from being a handheld leaf blower, it can also be used as a leaf shredder or a vacuum with 410 CFM. All of this means faster work and less overall time spent moving leaves. MPH I believe is for marketing hype. What sets it apart from the rest is that it’s very quiet, even for a cordless blower, and the handle is adjustable, which really helps with the ergonomics. But they’re still ideal for a large lawn with a lot of trees. by Harry Sawyers, Thom Dunn, and Doug Mahoney. How to … Best Overall: Toro PowerJet F700 Leaf Blower Best Cordless: EGO LB5804 Power+ 580 CFM Leaf Blower Best 3-in-1: Worx WG512 Trivac 2.0 3-in-1 Blower Mulcher Yard Vacuum Jack Tillman-November 15, 2020 0. X. Worx Trivac 600 Cfm 70 Mphvacuum Kit Included Corded Electric Leaf . Aug 28, 2019 - Best Backpack Leaf Blower You Must Try. But before checking out these explanations, here's a table that summarizes the main pros of each of these 2 leaf blowers: Neither the Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 nor the Worx Turbine WG521 has the ability to vacuum leaves. If you’re working on more than an acre with lots of wooded areas, or if you’re blowing leaves a good distance to the treeline, we recommend the Stihl BR 350. Air Flow. But it has to be the right fit for your property: It’s tethered to an outlet, which limits range to about 100 feet or less, and if you also need to buy an outdoor extension cord to go with it, that’ll cut the cost savings down a bit. DeWalt’s DWBL700 12-amp handheld blower was a previous runner-up pick that offered premium features at a premium price (typically over $100). That’s because it offers an air volume rated at an impressive 725 CFM. A Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher That Is A Garden Tool For Collect . You can find several prominent styles of leaf blower to choose from: corded, cordless, and gas powered. It has two battery ports, so you can drop a second battery in and it will run on them sequentially for a longer total run time. Enabling you to attack even the toughest lawn clean-up tasks, the air speed of up to 140 MPH lifts heavy, wet leaves. My experience with leafblowers, Toro and WORX-- What REALLY counts is CFM moved!! Easily reach over bushes and shrubs. This model replaces our previous pick, the Ego LB5804 Power+ 580 CFM Blower, an earlier version of Ego’s leaf blower. Toro is the #1 rated electric blower brand and the PowerJet F700 has the highest CFM of any corded blower. First, the weight: At around 10 pounds, it’s a load. As the Toro Powerjet F700 51624 and the Worx WG520 do not share the same producer, their full build and technology in use can vary. The Worx WG520 produces 82 dB, which is significantly higher than the 70.1 dB of the Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624. The gas fill is oriented upward as opposed to at an angle, making for an easy, spill-free pour; the gas cap has a hard plastic ridge around it, protecting it from bumps; and the top of the tool is the perfect shape for placing a hand while you’re pulling the starter. Blowers can clean pine needles from a gutter, blow dust out of your garage, clear grass clippings from a driveway, or get leaves out of thick ground-cover plants like vinca or pachysandra. In the handled category, a gas leaf blower is still the quickest way to clear a yard rest of leaves. The electric Toro F700 is light, with an easy one-handed speed control, and it moves leaves with a fury. In our tests, it had among the longest run times and was the most powerful cordless blower we tested. Scotts. The Toro PowerJet F700 is like an air bazooka. „Worx WG520“ lengva nešioti lengvu svoriu - 7,2 svaro. For the money, however, you’re getting the absolute best combination of power, portability, and ease of use, and it’s an especially smart investment if you plan to expand your collection of Ego’s great system of lawn tools, including lawn mowers and string trimmers. The Worx WG520 was a previous pick of ours, but both the Toro F700 and the newer Worx WG521 are more powerful. Of all the models we considered, the PB-500 had the lowest ratings on the Home Depot site. There’s no question that the backpack offers convenience in handling Ego’s large and heavy 5.0 Ah battery, but we’re not convinced that the weight shift of the backpack is necessary for less than a half hour of blower run time. Read honest … Toro Power Sweep 160 MPH 155 CFM 7 Amp Electric Leaf Blower (1185) Model# 51585 $ 39 98. After six years of testing, our pick is the Toro PowerJet F700, which combines gale-force air movement with a smartly designed handle, an essential feature with such a strong and unruly blower. Toro is the #1 rated electric blower brand*. It has a very long run time and, at almost 29 minutes, it exceeds the run time of our Ego pick. Find corded electric leaf blowers at Lowe's today. $89. The only other blowers that lasted longer were our previous pick, the Ego LB5804, which clocked in at just over 30 minutes, and the Worx WG584 40-Volt Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower—both are less powerful. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Toro Power Sweep 7 is more popular. As for the drawbacks, gas blowers are loud and stinky, and they require proper off-season storage; you also have to mix gas and oil precisely to fuel them up. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. To go beyond the limits of an extension cord, we recommend the Ego LB6504 Power+ 650 CFM Blower. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information found on this website. The Toro Powerjet F700 51524 MPH of 140 beats the 100 MPH off the Worx WG520. We’ve been testing and evaluating leaf blowers since 2014. Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 vs Worx WG520; Price comparison. This blower achieves its 40 volts of power through two 20-volt batteries that both attach to the blower. Further down the page, you'll find some explanations regarding the key similarities and differences between the Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 and the Worx WG520 . Now a worldwide brand WORX make trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and much more! In the question“What are the best leaf blowers? The big downside is the run time and charge time, and it’s a dealbreaker if you have a large property or a ton of trees. Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 vs Ultra Blower Vac 51619 - The differences . But it took longer to move leaves than the Stihl BR 350. ” Worx WG520 Turbine is ranked 2nd while Toro 51621 is ranked 7th. At first glance, the 51619 and 51621 appear almost identical. The Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher & Yard Vacuum is similar to the Worx WG520 except that it is less powerful and equipped with a shredder/vac function. The Worx isn’t as powerful as the Ryobi or the Ego, but under normal leafy conditions it has no problems moving leaves. I’ve been using leaf blowers seasonally for at least 16 years—long before I began working on this guide in 2014. The controls are nice and slightly changed from the previous Ego models. Lift heavy, wet leaves with 140 MPH air speed. This feature also works to offset the heavy weight of the Ryobi, over 10 pounds by our measurement. It’s on an adjustable pivot, so it can be locked in whatever angle you want. The Stihl is gas powered, so you’ll have to properly use, store, and maintain a two-stroke gas engine (and diagnose and fix any issues that arise). Looking over the reviews of the Ego LB5804 (our previous pick, which weighs about the same), we found similar sentiments, with many reviewers mentioning the weight but still giving the blower a high rating. Key differences: The 51621 has a leaf-shredding ring (patented by Toro), which is claimed to reduce up to 97% of mulch to less than 1/2". It does not come with many attachments like the UltraPlus. That long run time won’t mean much without adequate power—fortunately, the Ego has quite a bit of that too. Toro UltraPlus 250 MPH 350 CFM 12 Amp Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher (956) Model# 51621 $ 123 89. We tested the gas-powered models with help from Kevin Walker, a landscaper with 31 years of experience, and two of his crew (Anthony, with nine years of experience, and Justin, with 12 years of experience). 1d ago - Backpack Blower Rack Trailer Landscape Truck Hitch Blowers Buyers Products. This is our first previous selection, and it is very similar to the Toro, but not as powerful. We don’t recommend gas handheld blowers. Another way to deal with leaves is to use a lawn mower with a mulching function. As Stihl’s Dan Pherson told us, “When it comes to low noise, it’s tough to beat lithium-ion cordless.”. After further testing, the Worx WG521 Turbine 800 Leaf Blower is our new runner-up pick. But for smaller shifts back and forth, such as under a rose bush, you’re fighting the blower’s power, and it can get a little tiring. The Toro F700 typically sells for less than $60, which is a great price, especially in comparison with those of other high-end electric blowers, most of which come with a leaf-mulching function and usually run closer to $80. If you’re thinking about getting this model, it makes sense to look at the purchase as if you’re buying into Ego’s lineup of battery-powered outdoor power tools, which includes string trimmers, mowers, and chainsaws. A fully charged battery lasted only 9 minutes. The UltraPlus blower vac is 3 machines in 1; a powerful blower, high speed vacuum and leaf shredder. We are the world's leader in leaf blower stats and comparison tools. If that’s too much, you can step down in size and power to the Husqvarna 130BT. Leaf blowers not only work faster than rakes and take less effort but can also perform many tasks that rakes and mowers can’t. Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement. Triukšmas: Vienintelis „Worx“ žlugimas yra tai, kad jis garsiai tinka laidiniam rinkėjui, didžiausiu greičiu išspjaudamas iki 82 dB. Toro PowerJet F700 Leaf Blower. This is the perfect corded leaf blower for heavy-duty yard cleanups. If the Toro PowerJet F700 isn’t available, we also like the Worx WG521 Turbine 800 Leaf Blower. Disclaimer: *#1 as rated by a leading publication. On the good side, cordless models are generally the quietest blowers. A last thing to consider with the Worx is that its 20-volt platform is fairly large and includes a lot of smaller hand tools, like drills and saws. Known as model RY40470VNM at the time of our test, and also RY40480VNM-2B in its two-battery configuration, these models replace our previous pick, the now-discontinued Ryobi RY40460 40V 500 CFM Jet Fan Blower. The Ryobi RY40440 40V Brushless Backpack Blower, with its 5 Ah battery, lasted 22 minutes but didn’t seem to have a whole lot more power than the Ego model we recommend. The Ego LB5604 doesn’t have the raw leaf-blasting power of the corded models, but in our tests its more focused airstream was better at getting under a dense mat of wet leaves, and its turbo button can produce an extra burst of power (but drains the battery faster). Unboxing and demonstration of the Toro PowerJet F700 Blower. Here’s everything you need to keep your yard tidy, no matter what winds up on the ground out there. The BR 200 let out a high-pitched, ear-withering squeal that was impossible to ignore even with our hearing protection on. 4 0 . Black Decker … Only our runner-up recommendation, the Worx WG521 Turbine 800 Leaf Blower, is stronger, but the handle isn’t as good as the Toro’s. About $100 cheaper than our cordless blower pick, the Ego LB5302 is an option if you’re okay settling for less power and half the runtime of our pick. It’s not a 3-in-1 tool like the UltraPlus, it can only blow. The approximately 2-acre lawn is surrounded by, and dotted with, oak, maple, ash, and apple trees, all of which have leaves that drop in the fall. That’s good for tall people, but when the connections aren’t great, the blower tube picks up a massive wobble. 1d ago - Toro PowerJet F700 Leaf Blower 140 MPH 725 CFM 12 Amp Electric Handheld New. Overall, the control setup is intuitive, and it offers you the ability to reduce the airflow quickly if you’re cleaning out a flower bed or around a recently mulched tree. This is for the TORO 51624 PowerJet F700 140 MPH 725 CFM 12 Amp Electric Handheld Leaf Blower, and has comparisons with similar powered Worx blower. You can find more powerful blowers, but this midsize model offers all the blowing power you’d ever need. We wanted to recommend an accessible lineup of leaf blowers, including options that are easy to use by a wide range of people of various abilities. It is your responsibility to verify and investigate this information. Running the Toro at full speed feels a little like being pulled down a sidewalk by a leashed dog chasing after a squirrel—gaining control can take a moment or two. We found during testing that the noise of an electric motor is very different from the irritating high-pitched whine of a two-stroke engine, even if the decibel readings are in the same ballpark. This blower lacks the power of the Ego and the quiet nature of the Ryobi, but it makes up for it with a nearly 30-minute run time, roughly the same as the Ego. It can blow up to 350 CFM at a speed of 250 MPH. A leaf blower starts with its ability to move air, and that’s where the Toro is so successful. Convenience, budget, speed – all are a vital consideration when weighting electric or gas blower. PowerJet F700 Blower (51624) ... Toro is the #1 rated electric blower brand*. This blower has up to 725 CFM, which is air volume to help you move large piles of leaves. Toro F700 vs Worx WG520 Leaf Blower Where To Buy in 2020. Services, interviews, September 2014, Chad Crosby, West Michigan Lawn Services, interviews, September 2014. Roy Berendsohn, 5 Backpack Leaf Blowers to Dominate the Backyard, Popular Mechanics, September 11, 2013, Bradley Ford and Roy Berendsohn, The 7 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers, Popular Mechanics, 2018, Sal Vaglica, TOH Tested: Leaf Blowers, This Old House, David Wolman, Review: Leaf Blowers, Wired, September 29, 2011, Kevin Walker, owner of K.G.W. Toro 51621 vs 51619. Concerns over emissions (and noise) have led many cities and neighborhoods to restrict or ban gas-powered leaf blowers entirely. It has the longest run time of any cordless blower we’ve tested, about four minutes more than the LB6504, but we were able to get more done with the stronger blower. They do tend to be less expensive than the Ego tools, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly line to buy into, Ryobi’s 40-volt series would be a nice choice. With the blower tubes in the same position, the Toro pushed leaves at least 2 feet farther than most other blowers we tested. That, combined with positive reviews from Popular Mechanics and other sites, led us to choose this model as a budget pick in our 2014 guide. #BackpackLeafBlower #LeafBlower. It’s a nice feature, but it requires a buy-in on the Ryobi cordless system. This tool is an absolute monster at moving leaves across a yard, but the ergonomics are trickier than with the Toro. Buying the battery by itself sets you back about $250. Toro is the #1 rated electric blower brand and the PowerJet F700 has the highest CFM of any corded blower. Compared with the other leaf blowers we tested, the Toro showed no problems getting under a bed of thick, damp, matted leaves and pine needles on the forest floor. Stihl also has a cordless blower, the BGA 85, but we did not test it due to its exorbitant price. None of the other blowers we looked at combined such power with such smart features. For example, Arlington, Massachusetts, allows just one gas-powered blower per 6,000 square feet, to be operated only 30 minutes at a time, with 15-minute breaks in between. The Ego battery fully charges up in about 110 minutes. The Stihl BGE 61 costs more than the Toro F700 and doesn’t appear to have their air-moving power. Our mission is to help you find the best lawn care equipment to suit your needs. Model # 51624 Serial # 319000001 - 319999999 Product Name PowerJet F700 Blower These models included the Husqvarna 130BT, Husqvarna 350BT, Ryobi RY08420A, Stihl BR 200, and Stihl BR 350. The cordless Worx WG584 is not as powerful as the other cordless options, but it’s lightweight with a long run time. It quickly and easily gets under dense, damp, or matted leaves to lift them and move them forward. Through this testing, we kept an eye on the ease of the controls, the weight of the machines, and the overall ergonomics, looking subjectively at how far we could move leaves and how easily the air helped us steer the leaf pile around.