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3D Copy Production Machines

3D Copy Production Machines using PLA, ABS, PETG materials, training, teaching, medical, rapid prototyping, production, architecture, archaeological research, etc. in the fields our production covers medium and large size printing machines over 500 mm. these;

Product TT21 - 20 x 20 cm Scanner and Fast production at the same time
Product TT30 - 30 x 30 cm 3D printer
Product TT50 - 50 x 50 cm 3D printer

Artificial Ski Pads

The first and only phy-based climate conditions in Turkey, which is our own patent, is the Artificial Ski Base. suitable for use in summer and winter, wear resistant, easy installation, the first and only domestic production

We provide long-lasting, easy-to-install project and technical support that can be installed on open lands or special platforms


Train bogie motion simulations train motion simulations The study of train behavior is important in determining both comfort problems and suspension characteristics. With the data collection and processing program developed by our company, the load information generated in the wagon while the vehicle is on the road can be determined and is of critical importance from here Path and critical part detection is possible. Especially life problems can be examined in this way and measures can be taken before the problem occurs.

Train movement simulations (made with the information of the crashed yakup kadri express) The behavior of railways is a new issue that has come up in our country, and the most effective point of use in this direction in our country is mekece on July 22, 2004 It was in the form of an investigation of the movement behavior of the Yakup kadri express, which crashed nearby. In previous infrastructure works, our company's TCDD, which is preparing with the support of, parallel to the teams coming from abroad to investigate the noble cause of this sad accident, our team is real in this direction Data that will provide important clues in finding the cause of the accident of the vehicle by using vehicle information has been presented to TCDD.

Design Services

Engineering Services

Prototype Manufacturing

Vehicle Design (Auto)

Chasis Development (Auto)

Component Development (Auto)

Bogie Development (Rail)

Vehicle Development (Rail)

Locomotive Development

Console Development

Interiour Design

Riding Dynamics (Rail)

Vehicle Dynamics (Auto)

Heavy vehicle treyler

Full Bus Weight Reduction (Auto)

Bursa Tram Project

Boggie Developmet

Fast Train Development

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Emerging Industry

Calculation of hydraulic press body

The body strengths of the mechanical press developed by our customer have been subjected to strength analyses by our company. In the first analyses obtained, it was seen that the press was designed with excessive strength. With the subsequent optimization analyses, the press body is lightened by A lighter design that performs the same job has been achieved.

Material reduction in container design

Container design has been made with a well-known design for many years. Up to 80% of the cost is material-heavy. Therefore, in this production, labor or other cost inputs do not affect the cost of the product very much. For this reason, the production carried out should be reviewed with current technologies and a lighter container design that will do the same job should be investigated. The best example of this is the material saving of 12% in the first studies in the container analysis performed in October.

Small hydroelectric power plants

Renewable energy sources are the sources offered as an alternative to classical energy sources. Examples of this are solar, wind, hydrogen, hydroelectric and geothermal resources. The most important feature of these resources, which are based on factors that constantly exist in nature, is that they are renewable and do not harm nature.

Hydraulic (water)

The fact that the initial investment cost for hydroelectric energy is high and the length of the construction period are suggested as negative factors. as of the end of 1995, the unit investment costs of the facilities are as follows;
Power plants gas 680 /kw
Lignite power plants 1600 /kw
Imported coal power plants 1450 /kw
Hydraulic power plants 1200/kw
Nuclear power plants 1800-2700/kw
As can be seen, only natural gas power plants are cheaper than the cost of hydroelectric power plants. Due to the long construction times of hydroelectric power plants On the contrary, their economic life is longer than thermal power plants. While the life of coal-fired power plants and combined cycle power plants is 25 years, the dam And the economic service life of hydroelectric power plants is 40-50 years. These values are the values of physifiable operation. Some rehabilitation activities With hydraulic power plants, the service life can be increased by 75-100 years. In addition, thermal power plants consume natural resources. Good response hydrolyk With the development of the potential, the evaporation that occurs in the environment through artificial lakes created in dams leads to more precipitation of the basin In other words, it functions as a resource enhancer. The biggest advantage of hydroelectric power plants on a technical basis is compared to other power plants (Especially during peak hours) it is a feature of being activated very quickly. In fact, only a few for a hydroelectric power plant to come into operation in case of sudden demand While seconds are needed, this time takes several hours for thermal power plants. Despite the fact that Turkey is the most widely used alternative energy source, 29% of the potential is used. According to the developed projects, the projected economic hydroelectric potential of Turkey is 125 billion kwh/year. Until 1997, only 29% of this potential (36 billion kwh/year) could be produced. Economical with the commissioning of 33 power plants under construction 38% of the potential will be evaluated. 62% of the unevaluated part of the potential has been completed at least at the preliminary examination stage 363 It covers the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. There are also small unused hydroelectric resources of Turkey. For this reason, as a result of the studies carried out in this direction in our TEMSAN company, our country Turbines have been designed and manufactured to produce hydroelectric power between 0.5-500KW in order to benefit from small water resources Decently.

You can generate electricity with your own resources;

If there is a water source near you, you can generate your own electricity with a small investment. Moreover, the turbine you will install Since it is completely domestic production, you will have made a useful investment both in our country and in your own budget. We wanted to evaluate the self-resources of our country in order to leave a livable world for our children. The micro-electricity we produce for this With its turbines, you can generate the energy of both ourselves and those around us, and sell more to electricity distribution companies. * Using double meters to distribute electricity that you do not use to distribution companies (e.g. TEDAI) you can sell. Our turbines designed for electricity generation from water sources are designed from 500W to 500KW according to gin flow rate and dream value. You can use the graph below for the power account in your area.


. The graph has been prepared taking into account 50% system efficiency and 20% pressure load losses due to friction in the pipe. Efficiency may be better at high pressure loads. Friction losses will be less with larger pipe diameters.
. For example, to read the graph: at a flow rate of 1153.62 liters/min and a pressure load of 3.07 m, the estimated output will be 210 watts. The graph is based on the following formula:
. Decrease in water height x (1-loss) x flow rate x 0.18 x efficiency = power output.
. If the sample values are used: 3.07 m x (1-0,20) x 1135.62 liters/min x 0.156 x 0.50 = 217 watts.
. if the average electricity consumption of 1 house is taken as 200kwh/month, the needs of 8 houses will be met with a 4kw turbine.

Analysis of the kitchen extractor fan

Arrangements have been made to ensure that the new generation kitchen extractors work with the least noise by examining the radiation in the behavior under dynamic influences.

Optimum solutions in prefabricated building design

It is possible to make the least faulty and lightest designs in a shorter time by using computer aided design facilities in prefabricated building construction. In this study, we have studied cost designs up to 25%.

Machinery manufacturing industry

Hydraulic press analysis

Finite element analysis was performed to verify the strength of the hydraulic press under the desired operating conditions.

Press body analysis

The bodies of the presses used for different purposes should both allow working safely under the desired conditions and will be the most cost-effective They must be manufactured in this way. Different production options under the condition of the desired safety coefficient (material type, material thickness, geometry change) We are able to offer our customers with the simulation studies we have done.

Simulations of sheet metal cutting machines

Body and sub-equipment simulations to enable machine manufacturers to produce low-cost designs that will provide the desired performance Design improvements have been made and provided.

Automotive industry

Rot head life analysis

The rod head is a suspension element that suffers the most damage, and which region is more suitable for examining its strength against the loads it is exposed to It was seen with these simulations that it was overexpressed and strength improvement was provided accordingly.

Suspension simulations

Driving performances and suspension characteristics are extracted from the simulations obtained by vehicle suspension modeling.

Suspension wedge

Suspension wedges are made of materials with a stress-strain tendency that shows non-linear properties under stress. Material and geometry properties are the elements that determine the behavior of the suspension wedge. The suspension wedge influenced by these two basic parameters is Our company is able to perform development (design, simulation) studies.

Commercial vehicle hinge analysis

Hinges used in commercial vehicles are the most commonly used components, and it is not expected to cause problems in terms of strength. In return, he is asked to work comfortably. The stresses accumulated on them as a result of the process performed and the fatigue behaviors with the effect of this are It was examined in detail in the study.

Tractor bodywork design

Experienced organizations of the local automotive industry, using the capabilities of our company to reduce overseas dependence, designed the outer body, It performs according to customer expectations. External lines revealed by surveys, production methods it is also improved by taking into account the best and presented to the consent of its customers.

Leaf spring analysis

Strength and fatigue behaviors were examined with different studies on leaf spring. Cross-sectional change against various loads The effect of performance and the operation of signs and working performance were examined.

The local bodywork industry uses new technologies in bus design

The local body industry is trying to take part in the global Sunday by combining the knowledge gained with classical mastery with the design capabilities of our company. The designs made by taking into account the conformity to the production methods and the current developments in the world are first seen in the virtual environment and then It is put into production with minimum error.

Modal chassis behavior

the chassis designs are made in such a way that they are not affected much by the dynamic effects to be exposed. The modal behavior of the chassis model in this study The weft and suspension positions were examined by examining.

Simulation of heavy vehicle suspension

The loads carried by the leaf spring in the suspension systems of heavy vehicles and their transfer to the chassis are important. With this model, the road information The ratio at which it is transferred to the body has been examined and the optimum mechanism has been determined.

Vehicle dynamics analysis

The dynamic behaviors that occur with the integration of the suspension on the body and chassis of the vehicle have been shown by simulations.

Detection of vehicle road effects by simulations

The effects of vehicles coming from the road are usually determined by the tests performed. In our study, road information was developed before the vehicle was produced, simulation It is applied to the model and it is determined in advance how much strain there is in which part.

The effect of on-board equipment on vehicle dynamics

Various equipment placed on top of the vehicle can change the inertial structure of the vehicle. In this case, rollover by performing simulations related to the vehicle And their cornering capacity is being re-examined.

Connection bracket analysis

One of the critical parts that collects vehicle road loads on it is the connection bracket. How does the connection bracket work in the light of impacts from the road The behavior and fatigue behaviors under long-distance conditions have been studied. Especially critical resource models in detail The effects of the development on the outcome were monitored.

Windshield wiper mechanism simulations

As the vehicle types change in the windshield wiper mechanisms, the choice of engine and gearbox to provide trajectory determination and the desired trajectory scanning is three important It's a problem. It is possible to solve all of these problems Decently together. The mechanism that will give the desired trajectory with the mechanism simulations performed with the determination and transfer rates of this mechanism, the power requirement can be made simultaneously. Similar applications have also been tried in door mechanisms.

Engineering calculations, tests and simulations of the steering traverse

Engineering calculations, tests and simulations of the steering traverse are carried out and the problems considered critical by engineers are primarily It is being evaluated and analyses are being made in this direction.

Rim analysis

The performances that should be provided by aluminum or steel wheels used in vehicles are available by conducting simulations in advance. Given as follows Rolling and cornering simulations for steel wheels, made in a similar way to physical tests, as well as fatigue strength with effects from the road It has been examined.

Hood analysis

During the operation of the hood, in case of loading above normal when closing, both the connection points and the strength behavior on the hood By examining it, appropriate design development has been made.

Cardan shaft buckling analysis

The fact that the cardan shaft has a thin and long structure provides a possibility suitable for buckling. To determine the sprain nerve of the shaft with the performed analyses Analyses have been carried out and critical points have been determined.

Cardan shaft strength resistance

By examining the static stresses caused by the effect of movement of the cardan shaft together with the rubber elements on it in this analysis, the voltage of each part is The distribution was measured and the behavior of the load-bearing parts was analyzed.

Snow shaft simulations

The analysis of the dynamic behavior of the cardan shaft was carried out using real information. As a result of the work performed, the input shaft and the output shaft The efficiency of the transmission system was examined by examining the movement transmission performances between them.

Snow shaft fatigue analysis

Due to the fact that the cardan shaft is a motion transmission element that is constantly under load, the most common problems are fatigue problems. These parts of Due to the fact that it is a safety part, it is requested to be the last damaged part during the life of the vehicle. In the work performed, simulation is required Both under the load information obtained from physical tests, the fatigue effects of forged parts were examined.

Peeling resistance in rubber materials

Please note that the rubber bushings should not leave each other with the lateral effects that come after processing, as well as the metal and rubber parts. Physical tests for this The path of confirmation is followed by. In this study, simulations were performed to determine what the bonding force should be before physical tests The results were examined by doing.

Seat material lightening

Plastic seat analyses were carried out and the design development to provide the desired strength was carried out before the tests. Besides this, With the material savings made, the weight of the seat is 4.2 kg.From 2.8 kg.A has been revealed. 150000 Pieces of this seat are produced annually.

Installation of fixtures

Mounting fixtures, which are indispensable elements of production processes, are designed by our company and production pictures are prepared, so that The most suitable solution can be provided in a shorter time.

The FE method is applied for the motor wedge behavior

Engine mounts are made of rubber materials and accommodate chemical and mechanical development disciplines. Especially nonlinear Due to its characteristics, simulations are also difficult as its geometry becomes confused. The chemical mixture that will meet the desired elasticity property Rosary is the most important problem of companies. In contrast, determining what the desired elasticity value will be is another issue. It is possible to do this with simulation methods. Our company has created an important information infrastructure for its customers who are supported by FSS in this field.

Can bus bodies be made lighter?

By determining the behavior of vehicles on the road and customer profiles, vehicle bodies can be significantly lightened. In our study, we used the finite element method, in which 20-35% more materials can be used in classical designs on vehicle bodies With the analyses carried out, it has been seen that the vehicle body aggressions can be downloaded at the rates given above.

Wind breaker in cars

It has been seen that the wind breakers, which were originally put as an ornamental accessory, affect the aerodynamic structure of the vehicle. In this study, The aerodynamic effects of the wind breaker and its resistance to loads coming to the urethra were studied.

Air defense industry

The Baleriot aircraft successfully completed its flight

The baleriout aircraft, manufactured under the leadership of the Turkish air force, was established in our country in 2000 and among them are specialists such as TAI, SHGM, THY and THK He was given a flight certificate by a commission where organizations are located and embarked on his historical journey and within the scope of this trip He has traveled the way on the Istanbul-ankara-kayseri-iam-jerusalem-cairo route. After this journey 2.It has taken its place in the museum as a domestically made Turkish aircraft at HIBMK kayseri facilities. With this project, aircraft design and manufacturing in our country in a short time It has been shown that frost can be realized.

Bleriot aircraft replica finite element

2. Finite element strength and modal analysis calculations of the HIBMK baleriot plane replica were performed. The aircraft developed at MSC patran (V9.5) drawings and 2.Environment with the help of the HIBM command. All analysis solved by MSC nastran (v70.7), which is the most widely used in aircraft and automotive Industry.

Earthquake resistant building design

Whether the buildings comply with the earthquake regulations, their behavior according to the dynamic effects have been discussed in this project and different earthquake Their strength against their seneryo was examined.

F4 modernization

Our company will be used for strength calculations and dynamic & fatigue analyses of aircraft to the Undersecretariat of SSM within the scope of F+ modernization He provided software systems and provided training for them. In addition, it has provided domestic technical support within the scope of the project, various aircraft He has made simulations of its parts

Sliding bridge mechanisms

A sliding bridge mounted on armored vehicles for the rapid construction of temporary bridges on bridges that collapsed during the war Aggressiveness optimization of the mechanism and determination of the critical part were carried out

Composite bridge development

The strength strengths of collapsible, portable composite bridges that can be built quickly instead of the bridges destroyed during the war have been studied.

Engine protection deep tensile analysis

It is known that the pulleys providing the body protection of jet type engines are titanium alloy hard materials. These materials are deep The drawing process is problematic due to the back spring effect. Our company has simulated this process in a computer environment.

Optical communication protective cabinet design and manufacture

The mechanical protective cabinet of the optical communication device used in ship communication has been designed and manufactured by our company. This cabin is resistant to moisture and falling, and its design has been developed in our company to allow mass production as a lightweight. With the change in production methods, the manufacturing cost has been reduced by up to 50%.

Aerodynamic work experiments with gliders

A glider model to be used in aerodynamic calculations has been developed and a fluid & structural interface has been implemented on it and applications It is simulated. In the same way, the flutter problem has also been analyzed by this method.

Tank rescuer simulation

Loads arriving on the tank rescue crane, load distribution during rescue and, accordingly, determination of critical parts and strength analysis It was made here.

Micro Hydroelectric Power Generator’s

Design, development, manufacturing and test capability up to 2 MW turbins.
There are plentifull water sources such as river and brook, Turkey is quite rich in point of Micro-HydroElectric Potential’ which should be setup on little River. In this way,requirement of turbin has been still supplied by abroad.

Mini and Micro Hydroelectric Power Generator’s Designing, Producting and assembling Production and installation hydroelectric generator for river and brook Pipe, Kaplan, Pelton, Fancis-type turbine design and manufacturing Turbin designing and producting base on various type and measured Designing optimisation of profile turbin’s blade Analysis of computational fluid dynamics Designing, improving, producting and testing Kaplan, Pipe, and Pelton turbins up to 500kW powe

General Purpose Data storage device

Fast and Reliable Solutions General Purpose Data storage device GSM remote control and telemetry system. KGSM-IO, wired internet take away or secure distributions receive data without dots, alarm SMS and call to mobile phones in case of warning or supervision control It is a unit developed for use. The device received from the sensors on it evaluating information, more specific moving the determined lower and upper limits case, to a desired GSM number. Reports as SMS. Besides, the device devices connected to the contact outputs on the (Fridge, Air Conditioner, etc.) can be operated via SMS or it can be stopped.



BAY SYSTEMS, HGL Dynamics, LTT, MicroDAT,Connector solutions, Battery Management Systems(BMS), TeknoBox,National Instruments

Battery Management Systems(BMS)

Battery management system, ensuring the charge/discharge cycle of battery cells, eliminating voltage imbalances that may occur in serial cells, Increasing battery life is a system that ensures that energy is taken from the cell with maximum efficiency and in a safe way.

Bölme Toplama ve Kayıt Sistemi-BARLAR, Mini Akustik Oda - MAC

Description: The BARS product manufactured by Bay SYSTEMS LTD is specially designed for noise and vibration measurement and analysis. Thanks to the micro PC on it, it offers the possibility to save and analyze the data it collects in it it can be increased up to 32 channels. Thanks to its built-in battery and light weight, it provides ease of use in the field.

Mini Acoustic Chamber - MAC


LTT 500 general purpose measurement amplifier general purpose amplifier meter; 8 galvanic isolated DMS strain gauge, such as volt, load, ICP, current and resistance Dynamic and static sensor signal inputs can be adjusted alone using special software.

LTT184 The LTT-184 temporary recorder is a fast recording device made by using up to 16 different signals, each of which can be configured separately, It is a portable data collection system optimized for long and short-term measurements. Click here for detailed information.

LTT sensorcorder is a mobile measurement system. It works together with the Lttpro software.


The data collection system developed by our company as an R&D study in small sizes micro Decatur strain information from hard-to-reach points It is a product that serves to collect. There is also the possibility of collecting multiple data in parallel with each other. Data collection device that can be triggered by remote control, The collected information can then be transferred digitally to the computer.

National Instruments

Data acquisition (daq) data acquisition products developed by national instruments for portable, desktop, embedded and industrial applications He is the leader of the world market with his family. With different connection options such as USB, PCI, PCI express, wireless, ethernet, PXI and PXI express Together, the easy-to-use driver software is also compatible with different operating systems such as windows, linux, mac OS X. Click here for detailed information.

Modular devices (modular instruments) ni modular devices are the structural blocks of test systems with economical and versatile automation applied. Thanks to their modular and software-supported architecture, they can be easily and quickly adjusted and arranged according to testing needs. In addition, these devices are powerful October When used with a computer, advanced timing and synchronization technologies, they allow you to get very fast test results. Click here for detailed information.

PXI and compactpci pxi is a computer-based platform developed for test, measurement and control applications. This platform provides its users with the highest bandwidth and the lowest latency in the industry. (High resolution DC - 6 GHz RF). Click here for detailed information.

Real-time measurement and control (real-time measurement and control) ni real-time products are used together with NI labview software. It offers the user features such as reliable independent operation, realistic results, wide and different input and output options, multiple editing options. Click here for detailed information.

Distributed inputs and outputs (distributed I/O) NI distributed I/O products for remote measurement, industrial control and data storage applications It is designed for. These products range from applications with sensors that can run on ethernet or wireless to intelligent control and data acquisition systems Alanda kullanılabilir ve bagımsız bir sistem çizgi roman Click here for detailed information.

Programmable automation controllers (pacs), a new class in industrial control this product, included in the (programmable automation controllers) group, offers the user the opportunity to perform PLC stability applications with computer functionality. The hardware and software are easy to use and flexible. In this way, they enable the implementation of advanced control applications and signal processing. Click here for detailed information.

Device control (instrument control) ni with a wide range of hardware and software in the field of device control, you will be able to It saves time and money. Click here for detailed information.

Machine vision and image processing (machine vision and image processing) ni hardware and software for machine monitoring and scientific imaging It is in a leading position as a supplier of vehicles. In many fields from the study of automobile parts to the research of advanced drugs Scientists and engineers use NI monitoring hardware and software that offer fast and cost-effective solutions. Click here for detailed information.

Motion controllers and motor drivers (motion controllers and motor drivers) ni motion control hardware and software applications your It makes it easier for you to develop. It can be easily integrated and interoperable with NI data collection and monitoring products. Click here for detailed information.

Communication channels and protocols (communication buses and protocols) ni communication buses and protocols; programmable logic circuits, processing Devices, smart sensors, single-loop controllers, PC-based control units ... v.B. Systems that work with different communication architecture, such as It offers a wide, reliable and easy-to-use moderation and hardware capability to communicate and respond to all your other communication needs. Click here for detailed information.

VXI and vme national instruments offer a variety of VXI control solutions. VXI controllers from NI firm's ready-to-sell PC technologies, It is for transmitting state-of-the-art VXI control solutions. NI-VXI/NI-VISA shipped with all controllers, latest vxiplug&play It offers a rich API in its standards. Click here for detailed information.

GUY mulu hardware (embedded hardware) The ready-to-sell prototype platform allows you to easily convert designs to embedded systems that work. To adapt easily to changing characteristics, integrated I/O for developing fast algorithm, debugging with software, built-in signal conditioner It is one of its features to be found. Click here for detailed information.


Weighing Center Test Bench Software, Pipe Crimping Machine software, Impact Absorbing Test Machine, Analysis of the effects of different road types, Brake Testing System, Gas Spring Tester Software, Damage effects analysis Software, Engine life Testing System Software, Driver/Comfort Testing Software, Suspension characteristic determination, Structural & Fluid simultaneous interaction Software, software development according to needs, Road profile data map

Weight Center Test Bench Software

With this software prepared for an automotive company; Weight, Center of Gravity, Moment of Inertia, Suspension Curves, Ground Clearance, Including a user interface and a reporting program have been designed for the test bench, which can make 5 different measurements. The user can control the test bench via this interface. The desired Measurement is selected from the program interface and the information from the sensors on the test bench is evaluated and reported within the program. It is also possible to directly control various servos on the test bench via the program.

Pipe Curling Machine software

With this software integrated into the pipe curling machine, the parts that will come out of the machine are First Drawn on this interface and simulated in 3D, after it is seen that there are no problems, the real curling process is started.

Impact Absorbing Testing Machine

our company, which develops interface software for special purpose machines, in addition to the engineering software it has previously made SUPPORT has prepared the tester, data collection system and reporting software that will perform drop tests for the automotive company. The most Important Feature of this system and software is that it can graph the sudden force and speed changes that occur at the moment of impact in high resolution.

Analysis of the effects of different road types

With this software, it is possible to analyze the data collected from different road types and compare the damage effects.

Brake Test System

Testing of the braking system used on a vehicle in accordance with EU norms and compliance according to its performance a report must be submitted. In this Study, a Brake Test bench was made according to the actual Operating conditions through data were collected and evaluation reports were generated automatically accordingly.

Gas Spring Tester Software

With this software developed for an automotive company, this software is installed in the system for the life and strength testing of the produced amotisers It is possible to control it directly from. Performed according to the test criteria determined by the user through this program the results of the tests can be monitored in a graphical environment. Incoming information is processed and reported through software.

Damage effects analysis Software

In this study, programs have been developed for the automatic analysis of the collected road data and damage of different road types the effects are provided to be shown on a histogram. With this histogram, Fatigue Editing is performed and the duration of the test or analysis is it is possible to shorten it.

Engine life Testing System Software

With this software developed for a company that manufactures pumps, the user can control the test system via this interface references Information such as pressure, temperature, number of revolutions, flow rate from the system are evaluated in the program, various graphs and with indicators, the user can visually track this data. The data are processed and reported.

Driver/Comfort Testing Software

Vibration information received by the driver or passenger when a vehicle is running on a route consisting of different road conditions software developed to determine how long a person will get tired according to ISO 2631 standard by analyzing, it makes reporting and decision-making on this issue automatically.

Determination of suspension characteristics

In the software developed for the determination of suspension characteristics according to AITM Specifications, suspension damping characteristics with data collected from the vehicle passing through a simple test setup It is being removed and there is a decision support system according to the participation of the suspension.

Structural & Fluid simultaneous interaction Software

Structural and fluid-weighted problems are evaluated in different software, their analysis is performed, and their results are evaluated. With this program we have developed, Structural and Fluid problems are analyzed and improved at the same time.

software development according to the needs

By automatically performing computer-aided engineering studies that provide continuity within a process it is possible to realize it faster and with minimal costs. Thus, these Studies are carried out at the engineer level it can be performed with an operator at the technician level and the engineer can only examine the results.

Road profile data map

Visual examination of the distribution of the road data collected during customer profiling on the collected map and by clicking on the relevant region link, detailed analysis and analysis of the results of the software in that region were performed.